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Adele Halts Las Vegas Show to Defend Fan




Adele, during her Las Vegas concert, took a notable pause during her performance to address a situation with a concertgoer who was allegedly being harassed by security. On Saturday night, while singing “Water Under the Bridge” at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, she interrupted her song to draw attention to a young fan who had been constantly “bothered” by the security staff.

  • The incident in question revolved around a fan who was standing and appeared to be recording with what seemed like a selfie stick.
  • The security had been urging the fan to sit down, disrupting his experience.

Addressing the security, Adele firmly stated, “What are you doing? Why are you all bothering him? Can you leave him alone, please?”. After ensuring the fan’s comfort, Adele informed the crowd: “Sorry, guys. He’s been bothered the whole show by security and other people sitting behind him. He’s here to have fun. All of you are here to have fun.”

This isn’t the first time a performer has noticed overzealous security. Earlier in May, Taylor Swift also had a run-in with security, expressing her concern for a fan and shouting, “She’s fine!” and “She wasn’t doing anything!”

Fan Speaks Out

The fan, identified as Juan Pablo, later spoke to TMZ, expressing he had no regrets and said, “I only had one opportunity to see her, and I took it.” The incident was captured in fan footage and was subsequently shared on platforms like TikTok, showcasing Adele’s supportive stance.

A Memorable Night Beyond the Incident

The night was filled with more than just the intervention. Adele, known for her intimate interactions with her fans, later became part of a memorable moment for a couple. Chris Dare and Shantelle Lord were in attendance with a sign that read, “Adele, will you do our gender reveal?”. Responding to this unique request, Adele shared the joyous news with the audience, announcing that the couple was expecting a baby boy.

  • The couple had the envelope containing their baby’s gender for 12 weeks, hoping Adele would be the one to reveal it.
  • Adele was moved by the occasion and even became emotional after the announcement.

Unwavering Support from Fans

Social media platforms have been abuzz post the incident, with countless fans and followers expressing their admiration for Adele’s actions. Many see this incident as a testament to Adele’s genuine nature and her consistent commitment to ensuring that her fans have an unforgettable experience.

  • Fans have started using the hashtag #FansFirst to celebrate and discuss the event.
  • Videos of the incident have garnered millions of views, drawing supportive comments from attendees and remote fans alike.

Looking Ahead

Adele’s Las Vegas residency at the Colosseum commenced in June and is set to continue until November. Her commitment to her fans was further illustrated when she had to postpone her Las Vegas residency before its inception last year. Despite the inconvenience, she personally connected with ticket holders, offering apologies, free merchandise, and even exclusive meet-and-greet opportunities.

Official Response

Up till now, representatives for Adele haven’t commented or clarified the situation further to media outlets like Variety. Regardless, Adele’s spontaneous act has solidified her reputation as an artist who genuinely cares for her fans, making her Las Vegas residency an even more sought-after ticket for many.