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40 New Anime Shows to be Expected on Netflix in 2021

Esperanza Gomez



There is something about Anime shows that makes them much more coveted and loved than other animated series. The fanbase of Anime has grown overtime and Netflix has rightly identified the scope of Anime shows.

On Saturday, Netflix made an important announcement at Tokyo’s AnimeJapan 2021 Expo. According to Bloomberg, Netflix is all set to launch 40 new anime shows. This step was taken after the successful stint of the Blood of Zeus series in 2020.

On 29th April 2021, ‘Yasuke’, the story of the African Samurai will be released. The series that will release in 2021 include some adaptations from successful Anime shows like the Japenese Manga ‘Record of Ragnarok’. This show is likely to make its way to launch in June 2021. On 8th April, another Japenese Manga series adaptation ‘The way of the Househusband’ will be released.

As compared to the Anime series launch in 2020, the year 2021 will practically see doubled up numbers. Netflix’s Chief Anime Producer, Taiki Sakurai, stated, “We want to be able to pride ourselves as being the top entertainment destination with good quality content. The growth of our business is directly connected to the growth of our anime.” Sakurai made these comments in an interview with Bloomberg.

Speaking of financial numbers and figures, on a global scale, the worldwide anime market reached approximately 23 billion dollars in 2020. The expected growth by 2025 is estimated to be 23 billion dollars. The growth in Anime and its popularity can also be gauged by the overall technological companies driven towards it. Last year in December, Sony had also expressed its interest in buying Crunchroll, an Anime video site. The estimated price turned out around 1.2 billion dollars. There has been an inevitable delay in the purchase due to the Antitrust problem by the US Department of Justice.

Blood of Zeus has certainly been a value addition and the very reason why Netflix is seriously considering the launch of furthermore anime shows. Truth be told, almost half of Netflix’s 5 million subscribing households watch 5 hours of these shows every month.

This seems like an effort from Netflix’s end to appeal to the populace of Asia. Anime is very much an Asian art that is getting its much-awaited recognition right now. While Netflix is growing as a streaming giant, it seems to have attained a point of saturation in the domestic market of North America.

Asia is a market that has been in serious consideration for Netflix. There is growing competition from other regional rivals like Disney+ and Amazon Prime. Thus, spending on producing content that appeals more to the Asian market is required. So, the aim to double down on original anime content is to attract the larger market of Asia and become a household name.

When the revenue from Anime has increased over time, the cost has increased over time too. So, if Netflix, is indeed considering a massive investment in Anime content, it is going to be a cost extensive investment for it. Hoping Netflix’s Anime series become a change maker for Anime content as we like it.



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